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The Wizard of Oz - 10.

Dorothy. We have come to claim our promise, O Oz.

Oz. What promise?

Dorothy. You promised to send me back to Kansas when the Wicked Witch was destroyed.

Dorothy. I thought Oz was a great Head.

Scarecrow. …a lovely Lady.

Woodman. …a terrible Beast.

Lion. …a Ball of Fire.

Oz (скромно). No, you are all wrong, I have been making believe.

Dorothy. Making believe! Are you not a Great Wizard?

Oz. Hush, my dear. I'm supposed to be a Great Wizard.

Woodman. But this is terrible. How shall I ever get my heart?

Lion. Or I my courage?

Scarecrow (утирая слезу рукавом). Or I my brains?

Dorothy. You are a very bad man.

Scarecrow. Can't you give me brains?

Lion (взволнованно). How about my courage?

Oz. You have plenty of courage. All you need is confidence. The True courage is in facing danger when you are afraid.

Lion. Perhaps, but I'm scared just the same.

Oz. Very well, I will give you your kind of courage tomorrow.

Oz (скромно). Tomorrow you shall have a heart. I have played Wizard for so many years that I may continue a little longer.
Tags: up the down staircase, спиногрызы, театр, фотокарточки

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