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The Wizard of Oz - 9.

Winged Monkey. We obeyed you as we were able. The Woodman and the Scarecrow are destroyed, the Lion tied up. The little girl we dare not harm, for she is protected by the Power of Good, greater than the Power of Evil.

Wicked Witch. I can still make her my slave. She doesn’t know how to use her power. You mind everything I tell you, or I will make the end of you. Work well, or I’ll beat you with my umbrella!

Dorothy. Oh, it’ll be harder than ever to get back to Kansas. (плачет)

Witch. Ep-pe, pep-pe, kak-ke! Hil-lo, hol-lo, hel-lo! Ziz-zy, zuz-zy, zik! Go and fetch the kettle from the stove for me!

Dorothy (кричит). You are a wicked creature! You have no right to take my shoe from me.

Witch. See what you have done!

Witch (отчаянно завывает). Didn't you know water would be the end of me?

Dorothy. Of course not. How should I?

Witch. In a few minutes I shall be all melted. I have been wicked in my day, but I never thought a little girl would be able to melt me and end my wicked deeds.

Witch. Look out - here I go!

Tags: up the down staircase, спиногрызы, театр, фотокарточки

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