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The Wizard of Oz-2.

Scarecrow (с улыбкой). I'm not feeling well, it was very tedious being perched up here day and night to scare away crows.

Dorothy. My name is Dorothy, and I am going to the Emerald City, to ask the Great Oz to send me back to Kansas.
Scarecrow. Where is the Emerald City? And who is Oz?

Scarecrow (доверительно). You see, I don't mind my body being stuffed, for I can’t get hurt. But I don’t want people to call me a fool.

Dorothy (с искренним сочувствием). If you come with me I'll ask Oz to do all he can for you.

Scarecrow (вздыхает). If your heads were stuffed with straw, you’d live in beautiful places, and then Kansas would have no people at all. It is fortunate for Kansas that you have brains.
Tags: up the down staircase, лукаво улыбаясь, спиногрызы, театр, фотокарточки

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