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Peter Pan. The Winners' Song.

We wanna be like Peter Pan,
We don't wanna grow up !
Wanna stay kids as long as we can,
that's our plan ! Pretty neat plan !
Then when it's time to be a man,
we're not gonna grow up !
Gonna stay kids like we began,
Just like Peter Pan !

Bein' a man means you gotta show up
for work each day in a shirt and a tie ! Yuck !
Bein'a man means you gotta call up
your friends and say, "Can't stay ! Gotta fly !" Yuck !

We got an even neater plan,
sit down and listen up.
We all oughta be like Peter Pan,
we don't wanna grow up !

We never, never, never, never,
never, never, never, never,
ever wanna grow up ! Yuck !

He cuts whistles out of the trees and dances ecstatically to his own tunes. Slightly is the most conceited of the boys. He thinks he remembers the days before he was lost, with their manners and customs, and this has given his nose an offensive tilt.

Nibs and Curly.
Nibs is the gay and debonair. Curly is a pickle, and so often has he had to deliver up his person when Peter said sternly, "Stand forth the one who did this thing," that now at the command he stands forth automatically whether he has done it or not.
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