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Pratchett. Wintersmith.

...if you want someting done, give it to someone who's busy!

They think I can see into their hearts, but no witch can do that. Not without surgery, at least.

...the third and smallest child...might have been the youngest boy or the youngest girl, but was spherical with so many layers of clothing that it was quite impossible to tell... Someone did care about it, though, because they'd embroidered 'R' and 'L' on its mittens, 'F' and 'B' on the front and back of its coat, 'T' on top of the bobble hat and probably 'U' on the underside of its rubber boots. That meant that while you couldn't know what it was, you could be certain it was the right way up and which way it was facing.

You could say it was unfair, and that was true, but the universe didn't care because it didn't know what 'fair' meant.

Poking your nose in was basic witchcraft.

'You'd be a silly girl not to accept a reward.'
'I'd be a sensible young woman to refuse one.'

...the strange and wonderful becomes a memory and a memory becomes a dream.

'This is your Baron who doesn't like witches?'
'But who does like witches until they need one, Mistress Weatherwax?'

И самое лучшее:

What do you need to make a man?

Iron enough to make a nail
Lime enough to paint a wall
Water enough to drown a dog
Sulphur enough to stop the fleas
Potash enough to wash a shirt
Gold enough to buy a bean
Silver enough to coat a pin
Lead enough to ballast a bird
Phosfor enough to light the town

Strength enough to build a home
Time enough to hold a child
Love enough to break a heart

Мы с erlin_iante размышляли летом, это он сам придумал - или народное? Звучит вполне аутентично. Кто-нибудь знает?

Хочу вернуть Пратчетта владельцу, а кто владелец - забыла. poppova, ты?
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