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Sex and the City

Как и обещала greengriffin, книжка изрядно циничнее и злее, чем фильм. Фильм - ироничная сказка (а кому не нравится, тот не деффка, да-да!), книжка - злободневная сатирка. Написанная изрядно ожесточенным, изверившимся, побитым жизнью человеком.
Интересна с точки зрения - эээ - страноведения? психологии Нью-Йорка? Меня вот Вай спрашивает: "Ты это зачем читаешь?" Я так подумала-подумала... Для сравнения ;-)
Масштаб своих проблем стремительно уменьшается, друзья на глазах становятся все чудеснее, а милому - так просто впору нимб рисовать ;-)


No one has breakfast at Tiffany's, and no one has afffairs to remember - instead, we have breakfast at seven A.M. and affairs we try to forget as quickly as possible.


Every time a man tells me he's a romantic, I want to scream.

Да-да. Почему все мужчины, называющие себя волками-одиночками, на поверку оказываются сусликами-социопатами?


...when Parker and Roger first started seeing each other, Parker got sick. Roger went to his house to cook him dinner and take care of him. That would never happen with a straight guy. If a straight guy got sick and he'd just started dating a woman and she wanted to take care of him, he would freak out - he would think that she was trying to wheedle her way into his life.


...the worst thing is when you sort of follow a woman down the street and she turns around and she is as beautiful as you thought she was going to be. It represents everything you'll never have in your life.


Один из моих любимых отрывков. Рыдаль. Не удержусь, процитирую целиком. Don't ask me why.

I'm at dinner with a man. We're into a second bottle of 1982 Chateau Latour. Maybe it's our third date, maybe out tenth. It doesn't matter. Because, eventually, it always comes up. The Inevitable.
'Errrrr,' he begins.
'Yes?' I ask, leaning forward. He rests his hand on my thigh. Perhaps he's going to 'pop the question.' It's not likely, but then again, what is?
He begins again. 'Have you ever...'
'Have you ever... wanted to...'
'Have you ever wanted to... have sex with another woman?' he asks, triumphant.
I'm still smiling. But there it is, sitting on the table like a puddle of vomit. I already know what's coming next.
'With me, of course,' he says. 'You know, a three-some.' Then comes the kicker: 'We could maybe get one of your friends.'

Eventually, it always comes up.


...there are three basic situations that lead to threesomes. One: The guy has been secretly lobbying for a long time to get his girlfriend into bed with another woman. The reason could be that he's bored, or he secretly wants to sleep with her friend.
Two: The girlfriend secretly wants to sleep with another woman, and gets her boyfriend to go along to make it easier for her to deal with it.
Three: Two women are into each other and plot to get the guy into bed.

Well, I don't know. To me they all look like No1. No2 and No3 sound more like men's fantasies. Or am I narrow-minded? ;-)


'Listen, Guy...,' she said.
'Yes?' he asked eagerly.
'Can you touch your asshole with your dick?'
Guy smiled slyly. He moved closer. Put his hand on her shoulder. "But of course.'
'Then I suggest you go fuck yourself.'

Аплодировала стоя. В смысле, внутренне. Внешне ржала в голос. Роскошный посыл какой, а?


А вот отличный заход от престарелого ловеласа, тоже изящно:

You're too young to realize that you want to sleep with me and by the time you're old enough to realize it, you'll be too old for me to want to sleep with you.

А? Так зачем время терять?!


Carrie starts wishing Sam would go away... She doesn't like herself for wishing Sam would leave, but sometimes when you're with a man that's the way it is, you can't help it.


Just then, another mother walked by, holding the hand of a two-year-old boy. 'Look, Garrick, table. Table, Garrick. Can you say table? What do we do at a table? Eat, Garrick. We eat at a table. Can you spell table? T-a-b-l-e. Garrick, rug. R-u-g, rug, Garrick...'
Somehow, Garrick had become detached from his mother and was standing, looking lost, in the corner.
Carrie leaned over. She took something out of her purse. 'Pssst. Hey kid,' she said, motioning. 'Come here.'
Curious, Garrick wandered over. Carrie held up a small, plastic package. 'Can you say condom? C-O-N-D-O-M. If your parents had used one of these, you might not even be here.'
Garrick reached out for the plastick package. 'Condom,' he said.

Я так считаю, Кэрри явно прирожденный педагог. Сразу так подстроиться, а? =-)))


И из той же главы, не удержусь. Во славу бэби-ситтеров. У няни заболел собственный мальчик, и маме пришлось заниматься сыном самой.

I've just had the worst day of my life. My nanny has a kid. Her kid got sick, so I had to stay home.
First, I tried taking him to the park. I didn't know where the gate was to the playground, and I felt totally embarassed because all of the other nannies were already inside and I couldn't figure out how to get in. They were all looking up at me like, Who are you? Then Chester wanted to go on the slide. Like twenty times. I kept looking up at the big clock on Fifth Avenue. Five minutes have passed. I swung Chester on the swing. Another five minutes. I let him play in the sandbox. Then more sliding. A total of fifteen minutes had passed. 'Haven't you had enough?' I said. I put him kicking and screaming into his stroller. 'We've got to run some errands,' I said.
Poor Chester. I was racing him up the sidewalk, and he was bumping around in the stroller, not knowing what was going on. I tried to go shopping, but I couldn't get the stroller into the dressing room. Then we went to the bank, and the stroller got stuck in the revolving door. I mean, how am I supposed to know that you're not supposed to put a stroller in a revolving door? We were trapped. Some man had to push up though, inch by inch.
Finally, it was eleven-thirty. I took him home and cooked him lunch. An egg.

Экстаз. Захотелось перечитать, как Мэри Поппинс ходила со всем выводком по магазинам.


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