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Стибрено из случайного дневника.

Иронично, слегка цинично, метко.
She will think what a nice guy he is, and he will wonder if she's wearing a thong. His smart ass comments will be the banter of the night, bouncing off the chinks in the armor that you made to protect yourselves from each other.
All the while imagining that you are opening up to each other.
She'll lie, and say she's nearly a virgin, while the reality is she can sit on a basketball and lift it without using her hands.
He'll say he's a lawyer, when he works on the rigs.
They can talk about nothing, and laugh at things that aren't clever.
He will lie and tell her what she wants to hear.
She will lie and make him think he'll get to see her naked soon and play with her tits, and do her in the ass.
But girl, you will be thoroughly disappointed by his pathetic dick, but he won't care, cause by then, its too late.
She'll act like a nice good girl, meanwhile trying to tell him how she's got a fetish for being tied up, and spanked with ping pong paddles or some shit like that.
He'll try to figure out how he can get her to have sex in public.
With his small dick and her used bits, they'll have horrible sex.
She will wonder why he didn't call later.
He'll go home and watch CSI again, waiting for her to call.
3 days later, he'll be eating cold pizza out of a box; she'll be flipping out wondering how come a loser like him didn't call, and if a loser doesn't even call her back, then what does that make her.
They will never realize they are soul mates.

by _devushka_

А еще у нее офигительный интерес - sleeping with foreigners - неразделенный! Кусаю губы. Or would it be giving myself away?
Tags: не стесняться быть сукой, словотворчество

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