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Lonely Dog Tango =)))

Сборник детских песен. Восторг!!! Gunnar Madsen, "Ants in my Pants"

To be a dog is ruff sometimes
My master leaves me at home and I’m
Sad on the couch, sad on the rug, sad by the door
I gnaw on a lonely bone

The clock on the mantel says ‘tick-tock’
I drink from my bowl, I dream of a walk
I sit, rollover, play dead, I growl
I’m hounded by heartache, I unleash my mournful howl


I stop... What’s that? Someone’s pounding the door
It’s the neighbor, he’s shouting my name once more
I bark, I snarl, I frighten him away
He’s not my master - I will not obey!


The sun’s going down- Master, where are you?
I’ve chewed all my toys, I’ve chewed on your shoe
Off in the distance a fire truck rolls by
My heart aches with pain as I hear its lonesome cry

Tags: зверье, песни, спиногрызы, сцылки, танго

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