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Еще про Адель и Фреда.

Adele was Fred Astaire’s older sister and during their stage career she was the more famous half of the duo. He was the perfectionist, whereas Adele was much more relaxed about her performances, though she always suffered from indigestion before opening nights =)).

Adele was charming and attractive as well as a skilful dancer and a delicious comedienne. Her bubbling charm can still be heard on the recordings that she and Fred made of their hit shows. She had innumerable boy friends, but in 1929 she caught the eye of Lord Charles Cavendish, son of the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire. Adele proposed to him at a party. The next morning Lord Charles reminded Adele of her proposal and told her if she didn’t marry him now he would sue her for breach of promise! In 1932 Adele married Lord Charles Cavendish, leaving a distraught Fred wondering if he would ever work again. Despite the success of his partnership with Ginger Rogers and others, some critics felt that Fred spent his life searching for another Adele. Media interest in the marriage was so intense that the ceremony took place in secret at Chatsworth, and even the household staff were not told until the morning of the marriage. Adele gave up performing and went to live with her husband at Lismore Castle in Ireland. When asked if she missed her life on the stage, she replied simply ‘Never’. She once said that she had always really wanted to be a chemist.

"Fred struggled on without [Adele] for a while," wrote Guy Bolton and P. G. Wodehouse," but finally threw his hand in and disappeared. There is a rumor that he turned up in Hollywood. It was the best the poor chap could hope for after losing his brilliant sister."

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