March 13th, 2015


Немного с ФБ.

Kerry Atterbury
It's taken me a while since I learned this sad news to figure out what to say. I could say how devastated I am that my favourite author has passed away, but instead I'd like to share the fact that Sir Terry featured in my 'all time most embarrassing moment'. About 18 years ago Terry came to Telford for a book signing (I believe it was for Jingo). I turned up expecting to see a short queue but instead was met with a massive one, that snaked around the overheated book shop. About 30 minutes into the hour and a half wait, it suddenly struck me how exciting it was to meet this literary genius - the guy who wrote the books that I liked to curl up with every night before going to sleep. I spent the entire time treading water in the pool of my own rising panic, repeating the mantra 'don't say anything stupid, don't say anything stupid...' As I reached the front of the queue, I practically threw my book at him and said, in highly flustered tones "I go to bed with you EVERY night!!". A shocked silence descended the licorice allsort munching crowd around him as he peered up at me with a look of amused disbelief. "Erm... what's your name?" He asked as he opened the front cover and started to scrawl in the front cover. Red faced and now sporting the shine of a full on 'top lip sweat', I mumbled my reply. As he finished and handed the book back, I practically snatched it from his hands and bolted from the shop. It took me some time to unclench from the sheer embarrassment of the situation and open the book to see what he had written...

"By Jingo, Kerry! In your heart you know it's true! Terry"

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