April 28th, 2007


Еще про Адель и Фреда.

Adele was Fred Astaire’s older sister and during their stage career she was the more famous half of the duo. He was the perfectionist, whereas Adele was much more relaxed about her performances, though she always suffered from indigestion before opening nights =)).

Adele was charming and attractive as well as a skilful dancer and a delicious comedienne. Her bubbling charm can still be heard on the recordings that she and Fred made of their hit shows. She had innumerable boy friends, but in 1929 she caught the eye of Lord Charles Cavendish, son of the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire. Adele proposed to him at a party. The next morning Lord Charles reminded Adele of her proposal and told her if she didn’t marry him now he would sue her for breach of promise! In 1932 Adele married Lord Charles Cavendish, leaving a distraught Fred wondering if he would ever work again. Despite the success of his partnership with Ginger Rogers and others, some critics felt that Fred spent his life searching for another Adele. Media interest in the marriage was so intense that the ceremony took place in secret at Chatsworth, and even the household staff were not told until the morning of the marriage. Adele gave up performing and went to live with her husband at Lismore Castle in Ireland. When asked if she missed her life on the stage, she replied simply ‘Never’. She once said that she had always really wanted to be a chemist.

"Fred struggled on without [Adele] for a while," wrote Guy Bolton and P. G. Wodehouse," but finally threw his hand in and disappeared. There is a rumor that he turned up in Hollywood. It was the best the poor chap could hope for after losing his brilliant sister."

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О себе и о мире.

"It's funny," Fred said, "but there was a time--I was six and Adele was seven--when I used to think of her with contempt. She couldn't play ball, or chin herself, or whistle through her teeth. She couldn't even spit! I used to pray at night for God to turn her into a brother. Why, one day she even tied a pink ribbon in my hair... Then... when we had the first contest at dancing school...the judges gave us the first prize, with special mention for Adele. Then it began to dawn on my that she had her way of getting results and I had mine..."

She was a natural clown, a wonderful madcap, outrageous, and dazzling. She once attended a costume party, hosted by Elsa Maxwell, dressed as an angel, complete with wings, a halo, and a copy of Lady Chatterley’s Lover.

Life magazine (8/25/1941) reported that Adele became difficult to work with by 1916 as she became more interested in her male suitors.

We [Fred and his sister and dancing partner Adele] made a habit of enjoying ourselves in private life. I don't mean that the work wasn't enjoyable, but we were fortunate enough to know how to live off stage.
My private life was No. 1 with me from the time of my marriage on. Before that, I suppose my career did come first. Everything changed when I married Phyllis in 1933.

If Adele never changed, the times did. During the 1960s and 1970s both America and England underwent social upheavals that changed forever the kind of world that Adele had known. Although she herself had always been totally frank, she railed at the new freedom. "All this sex stuff nowadays, it's so phony," she told a young friend. "I'd just love to see everyone get impotent. I think it would be great fun."

His first try in movies received a brutal reception from a Paramount executive who had reported that Fred Astaire: "Can't act. Slightly bald. Also dances."

"I'd never seen him from out front before. It was also the first time I realized that Fred had sex appeal. Fred. Wherever did he get it?" >/i> - Adele Astaire after seeing Gay Divorce, 1933

Balanchine likened him to Bach “who in his time had a great concentration of ability, essence, knowledge, a spread of music. Astaire has that same concentration of genius; there is so much of the dance in him that it has been distilled.”

What did she dance? Hoop Dance, One Step, Tango and Waltz (Ballroom), Tap.

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At the triumphant London debut, Adele gave a curtain call speech, and Fred, pushed out after her, waved a hand and added, "She said it."

Fred: If you’ll be a good girl you can dance with me.
Adele: Well, if you’ll be a very good boy, maybe I will dance with you.
- at the Savoy, London, 1932, the very first time they ever danced together socially, for pleasure (Social dancing always made Fred nervous, afraid that his partner would expect fancy steps and that he would then come crashing down upon her.)



Что это? Что это за шутки?!


Что, халява кончилась? Не будет больше фильмов из ю-тюба дома на винте? О безысходность!

Единственное видео.

Здесь, с 3 по 4 минуту я нашла себя. В смысле, ее.
44й год. Лондон. Военная форма. Косички-рогульки. Ей почти 50, но как держится! Девочка! Он говорит - 20 лет не танцевали вместе. Странно. Все-таки - 10, наверное. Или это 52й, но тогда почему форма? Сказочная, сказочная она. Я боюсь ее играть.