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Мэри Поппинс.

Mrs. Banks. You'll find that they're very nice children and that they give no trouble at all. Now, about references…

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Mary Poppins. Oh, I make it a rule never to give references.
Mrs. Banks. But I thought it was… usual. I mean… I understood people always did.
Mary Poppins. A very old-fashioned idea to my mind. Very old-fashioned. Quite out-of-date, as you might say.
Mrs. Banks. Very well, then. We won't bother about them. I only asked, of course, in case you… required it. That's all settled then?
Mary Poppins. As long as I am satisfied.

Майкл за креслом локтем толкает Джейн, Джейн визжит, Майкл выкатывается из-за кресла. Следом виновато выползает Джейн.

Mrs. Banks. Why, children! What are you doing there? This is your new nurse, Mary Poppins. Jane, Michael, say 'How do you do'.

Мэри Поппинс пристально разглядывает детей.

Michael. Will we do?
Mrs. Banks. Michael, don't be naughty.
Mary Poppins (еще некоторое время невозмутимо изучает детей; выходит на центр сцены, торжественно). I'll take the position.

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Tags: photos, up the down staircase, люди-которые-играют, словотворчество, спиногрызы

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