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Еще из той же книжки.

О проведении экскурсий.

See that brick? Wordsworth was once sick on that brick. Great man.

О журналистике.

... sensational newspaper reports which exposed him as a fraud, then trumpeted him as the real thing so that they could have another round of exposing him as a fraud again and then trumpeting him as the real thing again, until they got bored and found a nice juicy snooker player to harass instead...

О личной жизни.

- And are you married? <...>
- <...> Well, no, not married as such, but yes, there is a specific girl that I'm not married to.

О семейной жизни.

- And Mrs Roberts? How is she? Foot still troubling her?
- Not since she had it off, thanks for asking, sir. Between you and me, sir, I would've been just as happy to have had her amputated and kept the foot.

Дуглас - душечка.
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