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Хорошая книжка.

The Mighty Waltzer. Howard Jacobson.

Очень даже рекомендую. История слегка аутичного подростка - английского еврея - и его любви к... пинг-понгу.
Язык непрост, сместь французского с нижегородским английского с ивритом (?), но это придает совершенно неповторимый шарм.

Как вам, например, следующее определение - You should not make a tastske of death. If that is not a commandment it ought to be.

Восторгазм. Цацка из смерти.Или вот - If the mountain won't come to Mahomet, then Mahomet will just have to shmy around. А кто мне переведет следующее восклицание - Oy a broch! У меня в семье есть некоторое количество расхожих фразочек от многочисленных Фертманов, Краснопольских и Володарских, но эту я не знаю.

  • - Is that his girlfriend? <...>
    - Sheeny Waxman doesn't have girlfriends. He has opportunities.

  • If you have a choice of two, always go for the quiter one... the quiet ones were the best ones... they asked the least, gave the most, and screamed the loudest...

  • ... November, when everything dreadful happens in the north of England... And not only in England, should I say. But the English do have some strong feelings about that month.
    No sun - no moon!
    No morn - no noon -
    No dawn - no dusk - no proper time of day.
    No warmth, no cheerfulness, no healthful ease,
    No comfortable feel in any member -
    No shade, no shine, no butterflies, no bees,
    No fruits, no flowers, no leaves, no birds! -

    Thomas Hood

  • Sexual jealousy in regard to someone you love is a monstrous thing, but sexual jealousy in regard to someone you couldn't give two hoots for is far worse. There are no counterbalancing imaginings, you do not look forwards to the time when she will do the things to you she did to him; your mind does not revel in a futurity of forgiveness and restitutions... Unpreferred. Just that.

  • Beautiful, as are all catastrophes.

  • I walked them to school in Clifton on my farewell morning, the three of us enjoying the nip of cold in the air, hitting leaves, smelling the buildings. It was the eternal autumnal morning. I could taste the leather strap of my old school satchel on my teeth.
    But their satchels weren't made of leather. Brightly coloured nylon, that was what they carried their books and pencil cases in, because school days were meant to be happier now.
    I held each of them by the hand <...>I am deriving pleasure today, I thought, doing for the last time a thing I had never enjoyed doing before. That's how important pain is to pleasure.

  • By life she meant ballroom dancing. Boredom is betrayal of ballroom dancing.

  • As with kindness so with chastity: it only becomes you when you keep the evidence of it to yourself.

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  • Лихо-лишенько…

    Лиха беда начало… Лихо споро, не умрет скоро… Лихо до дна, а там дорога одна… Будем помнить.

  • Июль-3. Фоткопост. Отпуск!!!

    Заграницу мы ехать а) зассали; б) денег было в обрез, поэтому поехали в уже знакомые и любимые «Яхонты» в Истру. Аж на 2 недели зато. И очень даже…

  • Июль-2. Фоткопост.

    Кудряшки! Да неужели же! Нарядилась в платье, шляпку и туфельки, говорит, «мам, кофотагиюй меня!» «И в другой комнате еще!»…

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